Float Vancouver- Experience Sensory Deprivation

float tankThe floating tank has a submersible sump pump is submerged into the float solution, drawing and releasing the water through the attached hose. The tank does not have to be drained once it is filled unless contamination however, it will be drained every six months for user benefit.

Tank Components

The edge of each float tank is cleaned after every float while the filtration process is happening. T36 disinfectant is used. Manganese oxide lines are scrubbed every morning from each tank. Water is mopped up from the floor and all client gear is replaced during this time by a float technician. The filtration at float vancouver process occurs for 15 minutes between every client. During this time, all of the water is run through the UV filtration at least three times to ensure that no debris is left for the next floater. The water in the tanks are cycled for an hour at the end of every night. The engine box is cleaned weekly with a damp cloth due to salt buildup.


Floors are wiped in between each float session. Chairs, bathrooms, and other surfaces are cleaned once daily. See attached “maintenance sheet” for a detailed daily procedure list.

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